Only Built 4 320 kbps

In other news, though, I got a 93 on my first midterm.

I can’t remember having ever been this drained.

I have mad respect for your blog.👌😍

Love ya :-*

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As a young Black male, I do everything I can to make sure police don’t look at me twice. I don’t even cross the street funny.

I’m one of those people where if you text me at 2 or 3 in the morning, I’ll think about it all day, because it’s so awesome that I was on your mind at that hour.

Thought I ate em all, found another one. #TheRealMVP #SwedishFish
Girl, you know we got thangs to do. #SwedishFish #iloveyou #Brazzers

Tip: not everyone who claims to be against racism is against ALL racism. This is another reason why the “we all bleed red” argument is a crock of shit.